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Cathy PacificCathay Pacific Airways is an award winning Hong Kong based airline which offers over 600 weekly departures to over 120 world-wide destinations.
Online BookingOnline Booking
Enjoy the convenience of our Online Booking service, and reserve your tickets now!
Baggage InformationBaggage Information
Find out how many items of luggage you can bring on your trip, what items not to bring.
Schedules Find available flights that best meet your itinerary.
In-Flight HealthIn-Flight Health
Find information on how to travel safe for you who are fit to travel.
Manage My BookingManage My Booking
Retrieve your flight booking information from Cathay Pacific by entering your membership number and pin.
Special AssistanceSpecial Assistance
Information for those requiring additional assistance including infants, pregnant women and elderly passengers.
Online Check-inOnline Check-in
Complete your check-in procedures online in a matter of seconds if you are holding an e-Ticket.
Visa Information
Visa InformationFind out what travel documents, visa and authorisation you may need before you travel.



Arrivals and DeparturesArrivals and Departures
Get real-time information on flights scheduled for today and tomorrow.
Check out our route map and get handy travel tips on the city you are heading for.
Mobile ServicesMobile Services
Check out flight schedules and learn about our special offers on the spot via your WAP phone or mobile device (PDA).
Travel AdvorisiesTravel Advorisies
Cathay Pacific, we would like to offer some suggestions on how you can 'travel smart and safe' on your next trip.
Manage My ProfileManage My Profile
Registered Online Booking users can log in here to update your profiles.
Notify MessagingNotify Messaging
notiFLY Messaging offers a suite of services to provide you useful information about your flight via SMS and email.

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